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What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are, quite literally, live beneficial bacteria. When applied on a surface using a probiotic spray, these helpful bacteria quickly overpower the harmful bacteria (aka pathogens or germs) that are living on the surface. Probiotic cleaning products essentially restore the balance of positive bacteria in the workplace. These bacteria naturally protect against pathogens over the course of several days. Probiotic cleaners reduce overall pathogen activity, reduce odors, and provide a safer, more effective way to keep the workplace cleaner for longer.

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Z-Bioscience Probiotic Cleaners

QMI incorporates probiotic cleaning upon request. We apply probiotics to surfaces after they have been disinfected. Our probiotic cleaning products are high quality commercial-grade products manufactured by Z-Bioscience. We use a Multi-Task Concentrate for general cleaning. This is a low-foaming biosurfactant that leaves surfaces clean and streak-free with a residual probiotic barrier. This protective barrier keeps on working long after we're done, so your workplace can stay cleaner for longer.


  • Desks, white boards, counters, tables, chairs
  • Keyboards, mouse, touch screens, phones
  • Door handles, hand rails, walls
  • Bathrooms
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Kitchens and food trays
  • Flooring: carpet, tile, linoleum, polished concrete, hardwood floors

Features and Benefits:

  • pH neutral
  • Non-toxic
  • Eliminates odors
  • Leaves a protective layer of healthy bacteria providing a healthier, cleaner surface
  • Can save time and money

How Are Probiotics Different From Disinfectant Cleaners?

Disinfectant Cleaners:

  • Encourage pathogen growth: pathogens recolonize a surface as soon as the cleaner dries

  • Cannot remove or destroy biofilms. Pathogens are harbored/protected within a biofilm matrix
  • Kill all bacteria, both good and bad
  • Trigger bacteria to become resistant against chemical cleaners (creating "superbugs")
  • Contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to people and the environment

Probiotic Cleaners:

  • Pathogens are prevented from recolonizing for up to one week after initial cleaning!

  • Break down biofilms where the pathogens hide. Once destroyed, biofilms do not replicate
  • Colonize any surface with good bacteria, which then starve out the bad bacteria
  • Do not create resistant strains of bacteria
  • Are non-toxic, safe around people and animals, 100% biologic, and eco-friendly