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Commercial Office Cleaning

We specialize in commercial office cleaning, providing day porter services and a night crew to meet your needs. Our crew attends to all aspects of cleaning, paying special attention to high traffic areas and any particular tasks you need done.

Hard Floor Maintenance

Maintaining hard floors requires specialized equipment and various types of cleaning products. Let our team at QMI do all the hard work for you! We are uniquely trained in all aspects of floor care including stripping, waxing, and buffing.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service is thorough and gets the job done. Whether its steam cleaning, carpet bonnet cleaning, or carpet extraction cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners ensure a deep clean for your office carpet.

Window Washing / Cleaning

QMI's window washing service is another type of specialty work we offer. We provide friendly and affordable service while giving your windows a streak-free and scratch-free shine!

Post-Construction Cleanup

QMI can be counted on for your post-construction cleanup project. We'll take care of any leftover drywall droplets, nails, staples, dust, scuff marks, and general trash. This includes windows, floors, and fixtures. Let us do the dirty work so your construction crew can stay on track and on budget!

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Moving is stressful. And cleaning is often the last thing you'll have time for. If you're vacating a space, QMI can ensure a deep clean allowing you to focus on larger matters. If moving into a new space that isn't up to your standards, our team can address the problem areas giving you freedom to focus on settling in!

(970) 385-7676

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