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When Should I Clean My Office Carpet?

A clean carpet can enhance the aesthetics of your office space and relay a more inviting atmosphere for your customers. However, office carpet is continually bombarded with dirt, pollutants, bacteria, and other debris. These contaminants are not only unsightly but can also be harmful to human health. Carpet should be vacuumed regularly as a matter of routine maintenance. On top of this, carpets should also be professionally cleaned. How often should you vacuum and professionally clean your carpet? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but knowing the following factors will help you determine a proper cleaning routine for your particular office carpet.


Lighter colors on your carpet can show soil and dirt faster than dark colored carpets. Stains on light colored carpet will set into the carpet fibers making them more difficult to remove over time. Aside from removing dirt, pathogens, and other unsavory things that get tracked into the office, regular professional carpet cleaning will prevent any colored stains from permanently setting into the carpet. If your office space has light colored carpet, be sure to vacuum it daily and hire a professional carpet cleaning service regularly. Light colored carpets in high traffic areas should be professionally cleaned each month.

Darker colored carpets hide stains better, so you're less likely to notice a dirty floor. This doesn't mean you should clean it less often though! When people clean dark carpet less frequently than light carpet, all the allergens, bacterial pathogens, and organic matter (insects, pollen, skin cells, leaf litter, etc) have a longer time to accumulate and a higher potential to affect the health of office occupants.


The type of carpet you have impacts how often it should be professionally cleaned. Carpets with long pile must be professionally cleaned more often than carpets with short pile. Carpet cleaning equipment is able to extract debris and dirt hidden deep within the long fibers where typical vacuums have a hard time reaching. Longer pile carpets should still be vacuumed daily to prevent the accumulation of debris. Shorter pile carpet can be vacuumed a couple times per week (unless its in a high traffic area).


High traffic areas also increase how often your office carpet should be cleaned. A high number of employees or visitors each day will increase how quickly the carpet gets worn out or stained. High traffic areas such as entryways, entry rugs, and hallways should be vacuumed daily and professionally cleaned at least twice per year. If your high traffic areas have light colored carpets or long pile, professional cleaning should be done each quarter.


When deciding on how often to professionally clean your carpets there is also a warranty to consider. Some manufacturers recommend cleaning by professionals after 12 months, others say 6-months, while most say yearly. It is best to check the manufacturer's warranty before choosing when you should have your professional cleaning done. Following the manufacturer’s instructions will improve the life of your carpet.

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